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Green Apple Aphid


green apple aphid

Hosts:  apple

  Overwinter as eggs in protected areas on limbs and start hatching at half-inch green. Green apple aphids remain on apples all season.

  Curled leaves; copius honeydew supports black, sooty mold; stunted shoots.

Look for shiny black eggs in early spring. If aphids are a problem later in the season, start after petal fall and select a random shoot on the major cultivar in the block and count the number of leaves that have one or more wingless aphids; repeat on 10-20 more shoots, and determine an average number leaves/shoot that have aphids.

Treatment Threshold:
  Delayed dormant oil will usually take care of this aphid. Otherwise, 4+ leaves/shoot infested with aphids during the season will require treatment.

Degree Day Model:

Management Considerations:
  Numerous beneficial insects including lady beetle adults and larvae, lacewing larvae, and syrphid fly larvae help suppress aphid populations.