Other Resources

Resources of Traps, Lures, and Mating Disruption Supplies

Raintree Nursery (apple bags and many other horticultural products)

Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply (horticultural and IPM materials)

Biocontrol Network (beneficial insects, mites, nematodes and other biocontrol and IPM materials including Bt products)

Rincon-Vitova Insectaries Inc. (beneficial insects, mites, and nematodes)

Trece (traps, lures, liners, mating disruption)

Suterra (traps, lures, liners, mating disruption)

Great Lakes IPM (variety of monitoring and management supplies)

More Information

Utah State University Fruit Production

The Utah State University fruit IPM

Western Colorado Research Center

Sustainable Orchard Management Systems for Intermountain Orchards (pdf)