Green Peach Aphid

green peach aphid green peach aphid


Overwinter as eggs at the base of buds in peach/nectarine trees.  Migrate to alternate hosts during summer.


Curled leaves; honeydew; feeding on nectarine fruit results in deformities; reduced tree vigor; aborted fruit.


Beginning at petal fall, inspect the undersides of leaves for new colonies.  For faster inspection, shake limbs over a cloth tray (“beating tray”) to observe the dislodged insects.

Treatment Threshold

Treat peaches with 2+ colonies/tree before shuck split or 6+ colonies/tree after shuck split; treat nectarines at 1 colony/tree at any time.

Degree Day Model

  • Upper threshold:  82°F
  • Lower threshold: 39°F
  • Degree days required for one generation:  274

Management Considerations

Numerous beneficial insects including lady beetle, lacewing larvae, and syrphid fly larvae help suppress aphid populations.