Fungicide Classes

Main Group and
Primary Site of Action
Chemical Sub-group or
Primary Active Ingredient
Active Ingredients
UN:  Compounds of Unknown or uncertain mode of action Target protein responsible for biological activity is unknown azadirachtin, bifenazate, dicofol
1:  MBC - fungicides (Methyl Benzimidazole Carbamates)

Benzimidazoles, Thiophanates thiophanate-methyl
2:  Dicarboximides

NADH signaling
Dicarboximides iprodione
3:  DMI-fungicides (DeMethylation Inhibitors)

Sterol biosynthesis
DMI-fungicides difenoconazole, fenarimol, fenbuconazole, metconazole, myclobutanil, propiconazole, tebuconazole,  triflumizole
4:  PA – fungicides
(Phenyl Amides)

RNA polymerase
PA - fungicides
(Phenyl Amides)
7:  SDHI (Succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors)

Carboxamides boscalid
9:  AP - fungicides (Anilino-Pyrimidines)

Methionine biosynthesis
AP - fungicides (Anilino-Pyrimidines) cyprodinil
11:  QoI-fungicides (Quinone outside Inhibitors)

QoI-fungicides (Quinone outside Inhibitors) azoxystrobin, kresoxim-methyl, pyraclostrobin, trifloxystrobin
13:  Azanaphthanlenes

Signal transduction
Quinolines quinoxyfen
17: Keto Reductase Inhibitors

Sterol biosynthesis
Hydroxyanilides polyoxin
19: Polyoxins

Chitin synthase
Peptidyl Pyrimidine
24: Hexopyranosyl antibiotic

Protein synthesis
Hexopyranosyl Antibiotic kasugamycin
25:  Glucopyranosyl antibiotic

Protein synthesis
Glucopyranosyl Antibiotic streptomycin
33:  Phosphonates

Phosphonates salts of phosphorous acid, aluminum tris
41:  Tetracycline antibiotic

Protein synthesis
Tetracycline Antibiotic oxytetracycline
50: Aryl-phenyl-ketones

Cytoskeleton and motor protein
Benzophenone metrafenone
M:  Multi-site contact activity

M1 - Inorganic copper hydroxide, fixed copper
M2 - Inorganic sulfur
M3 - Dithiocarbamates and Relatives thiram, ziram
M4 - Phthalimides captan
M5 - Chloronitriles (Phthalonitriles) chlorothalonil
P01: Benzo-thiadiazole

Induced systemic resistance
Benzo-thiadiazole acibenzolar-S-methyl
P5:  Plant-based

Induced systemic resistance
--- Reynoutria sachalinensis