Spray Incompatibilities and Phytotoxicity Risk

Incompatible Products

Aliette and products containing copper should never be mixed.  If Aliette is to be applied after or before copper containing compounds, the pH of the Aliette spray should be raised to 6.0 or above to avoid phytotoxicity from solubilized copper.

Altacor is not compatible with lime.

Captan and Oil may cause injury to leaves or fruit when combined in the same spray or applied within 7 - 10 days of an oil spray, particularly after a frost or during slow drying conditions.

Fixed copper is not compatible with Topsin.

Lime is not compatible with Altacor, Aza-Direct, AzaGuard, Azatin, Captan, dimethoate, Imidan, Lannate, malathion, pyrethroids, or Topsin.

Oil is not compatible with Captan, sulfur, or Surround.

Sulfur is not compatible with Bt, oil, or insecticidal
soap (M-Pede).

Surround is not compatible with oil or fungicides that are sterol inhibitors.

Chemicals with a Risk of Phytotoxicity

Abound (azoxystrobin) is highly phytotoxic to certain apple varieties.

Calcium chloride, calcium nitrate can russet apple, mark pear fruit, and burn leaves following application depending upon concentration, temperature, and number of applications.

Captan + Sulfur is phytotoxic to apples.

Copper products may russet fruit.

Imidan is phytotoxic to sweet cherry.

M-Pede may be phytotoxic if applied in hot temperatures.

Horticultural oil can cause injury if applied when temperatures read 85°F within 4 hours of application. Injury may also occur at temperatures under 40°F.

Topguard should not be used with adjuvant or 3 days within an adjuvant spray.